Marc celebrates 58 years performing...and his Golden Jubilee with Ludwig and Zildjian in 2018




           Thursday May 24...Odd Fellows Home...Auburn, ME... 2:00 PM






Marc was born on April 5, 1951 in Batavia, NY, moved to Westbrook, Maine in 1954, and has lived there ever since. He began his musical career in September 1957 at age 6 formally studying the piano under the late renowned Maine teacher Louis Sirois for 11 years...and played his first formal public performance in a Piano Recital in May 1960.  He began playing drums in 1964 inspired by his father playing drums before him and the British Invasion beginning with The Beatles. Marc continues playing and performing on both instruments today.

In 1967 Marc was chosen to represent Westbrook High School as a Tenor in the All-State Concert and in 1968 sang Edelweiss...from The Sound Of a Solo with the Westbrook High School Chorus in the All-City Concert.  During his  career...he has performed thousands of gigs with pioneering Maine Bands Love, Inc. and Pegasus in the 1960's and 1970's...performed with The Chapparals and currently performs with Get Back...Beatles/60's Tribute Band and as a Solo Pianist and Singer.  Marc has also written...recorded, toured extensively, and produced. As a member of Love, Inc. in 1968 he opened for well known Boston groups The Orphans and Ultimate Spinach and with Pegasus in the 1970's he opened for national artists Bob Seger and Edgar Winter. Love, Inc. was the 1st Maine Pop Band to record an LP in 1970 and chart 3 Singles in 1969...1970 and 1971.  Pegasus recorded their only Single at Record Plant East in New York City in the same Studio where Don McLean recorded American Pie...and their Producer was Dan Turbeville who co-produced the 1st Woodstock LP and Engineer Dennis Ferrante...who engineered George Harrison's Concert for Banglasdesh LP.

Marc taught keyboard and drums at Starbird Music in Portland, Maine in the 1960's and early 1970's and continues teaching privately. He is a proud member of the Maine Arts Commission...and the New England Songwriters Guild.

Marc continues a series of Solo performances begun in 2010 featuring his piano playing and singing many of the songs spanning his 57-year career...including Recital pieces...popular songs...Classical Pieces...some of his original songs...along with stories from his career...entertaining his audiences.  Please check back on the Performance link on the landing page for upcoming shows. At Marc's Theater Benefit at his Alma Mater Lyndon State College on September 29, 2012...he received a Standing Ovation at the conclusion of his performance. 

Marc also attended the University of Southern Maine, and was a Judge in the 2009...2010...and 2011 Guitar Center Drum-Offs in their South Portland, Maine store. He is also the Drummer for Get Back...Beatles/60's Tribute Band...and was for the St. Anthony's Parish Choir in Westbrook until it disbanded in August 2015. A newer gig Marc has now is drumming for the Connie Francis Tribute Show..."Among My Souveniers...A Tribute to America's Sweetheart"... which has performed for several Standing Ovations since debuting in 2015.

Marc and Betty Ann are also well established Freelance Photographers. Their photos are published on their website here and Marc has appeared on numerous online Forums and photo websites. He is now formally published on his very 1st online e-zine on The Lifeforce Network...Discerning Minds. Click on the link here to see his work. His photos appears on pages 104...105 and 106 with his complete Bio on page 109.

He is the Founder and CEO of Marco Polo Music...has 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren...and married Betty Ann Lebrun on May 23, 2015.


Dedicated to Jeanette "Janie" Smith Mailhot


Who left her son the gift of music to continue her Legacy

Both Marc and his Mom loved Bernstein and Gershwin. His mother wanted to be a Concert Pianist but was afflicted with epilepsy at a young age which prevented her from achieving her dream. However she still managed to entertain thousands of people here in the US as well as Abroad with her wonderful piano artistry during the vacations she took with Marc's father Philip overseas. As a youngster growing up...he and his Mom would watch Lennie's Young Peoples Concerts in the 50's and 60's together and his mom introduced him to Classical Music when he began taking piano lessons at age 6. In 1962 Marc saw and met...Roger Williams...Ferrante & Teicher and Loren Hollander. As a trubute to his mother Janie...Marc plays a brief excerpt from Rhapsody in Blue at every performance.

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