"OUR PHILOSOPHY...Restore your LP'S...45'S and Cassettes...and irreplacable audio while preserving your precious vinyl...45's...LP Cover Art and 45 Picture Sleeves". We maintain the "warm analog sound"...




There are many audiophiles...vinyl and tape cassette collectors...and just plain folks that love records...who have old LP's...45 RPM records and numerous cassette tapes from decades ago that sound terrible with vinyl pops...hisses...surface noise and turntable hum. Our Audio Restorations offer a complete solution which enables us to convert your precious and valuable vinyl records and cassette tapes to digital format and still maintain the "warm" vinyl sound of your original vinyl recordings.  Modern software and preamp technology allow us to perform this task.

VINYL IS BACK AGAIN IN A BIG WAY! 180 GM Virgin Vinyl is back...and here's you chance to preserve your new...or original...investment...and maintain complete integrity of the actual record and jacket.

We recommend and prefer the .wav format over mp3 to convert your files.  MP3 files have high compression and may not yield the desired final results.





With the advent of USB turntables there is much excitement about converting vinyl to digital format for those folks who wish to do it themselves.  However feedback we are hearing indicates less than satisfactory results with such turntables as they do not offer the quality or stability of a vintage turntable and preamp such as we use in our process.

Our equipment includes a vintage Techniques SL-3200 Direct Drive Turntable and Shure M95ED Cartridge...both in excellent condition. We have maintained our original analog equipment in perfect condition over almost 40 years. We use a Audio Technica AM150 Preamp for converting phono and tape signals.  We then "normalize" the tracks to maintain the RIAA curve originally used in the recording process. Then your project is processed through a variety of noise reduction software for best results.  

For cassette conversions we use a state of the art Sony TCWE 475 Cassette Deck which has yielded excellent operational results and we have assisted customers to restore and convert this media as well. Enhancement of tapes is possible to some extent. The Dual Cassette option also allows us to make an additional cassette copy for you as well if desired.

Our playback system consists of original generation KRK Rockit 5 Monitors for a beautiful and true sound. Well respected in the recording industry...we rely on their true-to-life reproduction to give your conversions the best possible result.

Our computer systems are state of the art. We use an HP Pavilion computer with 8 GB RAM and a 1 TB HDD. We also have two external HDD...a 1 TB and a 4 TB for additional storage. We also use a Dell Inspiron Laptop with 4 GB of RAM and a 500 GB HDD for field projects and additional computer power. We also have a 500 GB and a 1 TB external HDD for the Laptop.


If your records have deep skips or cracks in them...there is little or nothing we can do to avoid that during the transfer. We can reduce all but the severest of scratches on your vinyl.  The success of each restoration will depend on the actual condition of your records and tapes at the time we do the work. If your original media has been neglected and are in very poor condition...we will do our very best to improve the sound and eliminate as much noise as possible...but in those conditions we can't guarantee 100% success.




LP's...$75.00 Each

Cassettes...$50.00 Each

CD and Cassette Copies...$10.00 Each

Fee includes...vinyl transfer and digital copy...track separation...preservation...restoration...enhancing...and label printing. The same standards apply for tape cassette recordings also.  Actual fee will depend on the amount of prep work...noise-reduction...enchancement...and track separation involved.

We will be happy to discuss your custom project with you.

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