Jan        Writing and rehearsing sessions.

Jan 9     Performance at Deering High School, Portland, ME.

Jan 23   Performance at Gloucester High School, Gloucester, MA.

Jan 30   Performance at The Hyde School, Bath, ME.

Feb 12   Performance at Deering High School, Portland, ME with two other bands (names not recorded).

Feb 13   Performance at Notre Dame High School, Berlin, NH.

Feb 19   Performance at Bath High School, Bath, ME.

Feb 20   Performance at Gardiner High School, Gardiner, ME.

Feb 20   Mark decides to leave Love, Inc.  He is replaced by Mike and Billy's brother, Ron and the entire complexion of the group is changed.  Dale and Bob also pick up instruments and the group continues in this configuration until it disbands in June.  It is a terrible blow to the entire band.

Mar 4    Marc establishes Marco Polo Music. All his future titles will be published under his new company.

Mar 13  Performance at Newcastle High School, Newcastle, ME.

Mar 13  Mark announces he will play his first solo gig at Westbrook High School on March 20.

Mar 20  Mike, Ron and his wife Cathie to  New York City for a 3 day vacation.

Mar 20  Mark performs his 1st solo gig at Westbrook High School to a warm reception. Marc and Billy attend the performance.

Mar 26  Performance at YWCA, Portland, ME.


Original newspaper clipping of the March 26 Dance. From the scrapbook archives.



Mar 27  Performance at St. Francis College, Biddeford, ME.

Mar 29  Mr. Mailhot in the hospital for 6 days of rest to treat an ulcer.

Apr 1    Marco Polo Music officially affiliates with BMI.

Apr 5    Marc celebrates his 20th Birthday.

Apr 16  Mr. Mailhot on vacation in Boston.

Apr 17  Performance at Sheraton Ballroom, Portland, ME for the State CYO Convention.

May     Marc officially affiliates with BMI as a Writer and Publisher...Marco Polo Music.

May 5-6   Marc up to EAB to remix "Mary Beth" and "Somewhere Went My Sunshine" for the group's 3rd and final Single release. He becomes the first artist in Maine to use the new 8 track board owner Ed Boucher recently installed.

May 14  Performance at YWCA, Portland, ME.

May 22  Performance at McAuley High School, Portland, ME.

May 24  Love, Inc. celebrates their 3rd anniversary and announces it will disband after the June 12 performance in Gloucester, MA.

Jun 4    Performance at Gould Academy, Bethel, ME.

Jun 7    The group rehearses new material for their final performance in Gloucester.

Jun 12   Performance at Blackburn Annex, Gloucester, MA. Final public performance by Love, Inc.


Final performance in Gloucester June 12, 1971.  L To R: Mike...brother Ronnie...Marc...Robert Arsenault...Billy and Dale Moreau.  End of the original era for the band.




Photos from the final performance. Top...Robert...Billy and Dale. Middle...Marc. Bottom...Dale Mike and Billy.


Gloucester Finale 1971

Manager Philip Mailhot watches the boys at their Finale in Gloucester, June 12, 1971.



Jun 13   Mark and Patti announce their engagement. 

Jun 14   SINGLE: Thank You Mary Beth/Somewhere Went My Sunshine.


The Mary Beth/Somewhere Went My Sunshine Single.  Marco Polo did not have a label so it was released on Brownstaff Records...a local label.


Jul 26    Highest chart position at #16 for Mary Beth with no promotion from the band. All 3 of their Singles make the Top 20...truly a "First"...for a band from Maine.


The original Press Release for Marco Polo in the Portland Evening Express, June 26, 1971


WLOB Chart 1971  



After Love, Inc. disbanded the boys took their own interests to heart and went on to other projects.  Mike and Billy joined a Chicago-style band called Flagstone and played with them.  They also played with a group called Red Snapper.

In 1972 Mike joined the Army and served his Country until 1975 and then studied at the University of Maine in Augusta. Mike has two children, Sharon and Evan, and two grandchildren. After their one-off in 2006 the boys started writing new music and have done some new recordings.  Mike is currently completing construction of his Swell Studios in Westbrook, which he hopes will be ready for operation by late summer 2009. 

Billy continued to pursue music and played with a number of bands. In the mid 1970's he rejoined Mark and Marc with Peter Albert to play in a Beatles cover and called Rain. In 1997 they reunited for two shows at the now closed Raoul's in Portland as the band Get Back and packed the house for both occasions. Billy and Marc played for a time together in the Ed Lester band in the late 1990's and in 2000 Billy and Kathy moved to Nevada. After the one-off in July of 2006 they moved back to Maine and Billy is again active in the music community here writing and recording and playing again with Ed Lester.

Mark met Patti at Marc's 17th Birthday party in 1968. They married in 1973 and celebrate their 38th anniversary in July 2011. Mark and Patti have 3 children, Jessica, Jenna and Jeremy and 3 grandchildren...Dylan....Kyle...and a grand-daughter Khloe...born in 2011. Mark is guesting on Marc's Coral Sunset CD and it will feature at least one track the boys wrote together in late 1969.

Rick and his FiancÚ Roberta (Bobbie) Gallant were married on June 13, 1970 with Mark and Marc in the wedding party as Ushers. After Rick left the band little was heard from him for many years, and early in this decade Mark and Marc have had occasional contact with him.  He left the music business entirely.

Marc took the summer of 1971 off to rest and in the fall of that year joined Pegasus. In 1973 the band went to the Record Plant East in New York to record their only Single with Dan Turbeville, who was involved with Don McLean's American Pie LP. In the spring of 1973 he opened with Pegasus for Bob Seger and Edgar Winter.  Marc left Pegasus and went back to school at Lyndon State College and is an Alumni. Marc and Kathy met in 1976, married in 1978 and celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2008.  They have 3 children, Christopher, Shannon and Allison, 5 grandchildren, Mackenzie and Noah...born in 2007... and Abbe born March 1, 2009...Landon...born on Mother's Day...May 10, 2009...and Keagan...born October 23, 2010.  Marc is President of Marco Polo Music and keeps very active in the Maine music community and continues work on his Solo CD...Coral Sunset.  In 2010 he celebrated 50 years of public performing and continues solo shows on piano and voice...plus an occasional drum gig. He and his wife Kathleen celebrate their 33rd anniversary in August of 2011. Marc released his 1st new music in 40 years in April 2011...a CD Single...Sunshine and Never Never Land 2007...a remake of his 1969 song with Love, Inc. available online for download.

Wayne Sacco left the band in the summer  of 1969 and eventually moved to Atlanta, GA. and passed away in 2007.

Bob Anderson became an Icon on Maine radio and was known as "The Duke of Portland" in the 1980's and was very instrumental in the group's radio airplay success. Tragically Bob died on the air from a heart attack on March 29, 2003 at age 59.

Marc's parents Phil and Jane performed for Senior Citizen's groups and at Nursing Homes until November of 2009. They celebrated their 59th...and final...Anniversary in June 2009.

After the one-off in 2006...the boys started writing again and have done some preliminary recordings and Demos. They spent two weeks in August of 2007 in the Performance Hall at Starbird Music in Portland rehearsing and arranging some of their new songs.  The name was also changed from Love, Inc. to BOTHN. Some new songs were written and basic tracks recorded.  Whether or not anything will ever be released is open to speculation at this time...but the process of making new music has begun. On May 25, 2008, the boys returned to St. Hyacinth Hall for a 40th anniversary photo shoot.

The Historic 40th Anniversary Photos


On May 25, 2008...40 years and one day...after their original debut at St. Hyacinth Church Hall in Westbrook, Maine, Love, Inc. (now BOTHN) returned to the Hall for a historic and nostalgic visit on the very same stage where their careers began. Amazingly...nothing had changed in 40 years. However...the timing was perfect as major renovations of the hall began during the summer of 2008...including complete dismantling of the stage...another piece of their history now only a memory. During the renovations I had asked for 4 planks from the stage for each of us to get a piece of history but was told this was not possible...so all we have are photos.

In mid-December of 2008 I went back to the Hall to see the renovations in progress...and did not recognize it.  The stage and stairs leading to it...the balconies on either side where we used to get a view of our equipment...and the old high ceiling is gone...totally gone.

To enter the Hall now in 2011...one would never know what it was like before.  Ironically...our photo shoot was the last official function in the old hall and on the stage.

Following are some photos from the shoot.


Love, Inc. Debut

The Original Debut...Friday..May 24, 1968 St, Hyacinth Hall, Westbrook, Maine..  L to R: Billy...Marc...Mark and Mike. This is also the "Official" Debut photo.


Love, Inc. 40th Anniversary

The Return...May 25, 2008...L to R: Billy...Marc...Mark and Mike.


Going back in time...the Boys with the retro photo!


Mick's Golden Warrior

Mick's "Golden Warrior"...his 1968 Les Paul...another piece of Vintage gear!


Billy and Mark one more time...


Mike and Billy onstage again!


Together Again

Marc...Jane Mailhot, Love, Inc. Wardrobe Mistress...Billy...Philip Mailhot, Love, Inc. Manager...Mark and Mickey...together one more time.


after the shoot 1

after the shoot 2

After the photo shoot


wishful thinking

Mark with wishful thinking...



Two views of the stage area at the now empty St. Hyacinth Hall, January 2009. Renovations are complete in the Hall and include a new ceiling...floor...kitchen and restrooms. The Hall now includes offices on the newly built 2nd floor  and an elevator in the back which leads to the Church upstairs where the storage area was. A Chapel now occupies this area where the stage was.


Entrance to our dressing area next to the stage now sits alone and elevated where the stage used to be.

She Don't Care About Me 40th Anniversary Commemorated


WBLM Radio in Portland, Maine commemorated the 40th Anniversary of the release of the Boy's 1st Single by hosting Marc on Charlie Gaylord's local music program...Greetings From Area Code 207...on Wed June 24, 2009...the actual anniversary.

Click on the link to hear the broadcast and Single.



Marc's Mother "Janie" passes.

April 25, 1930-April 21, 2010


Marc's Mother Jeanette "Janie" Mailhot, Secretary and Wardrobe Lady for Love, Inc. passed away on April 21, 2010, four days shy of her 80th Birthday...and less than 2 months before she and Philip would have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary...from complications from a stroke and fall on December 2, 2009. Janie was an incredible musician in her own right with a career spanning nearly 70 years. Several hundred people came to pay last respects during calling hours on April 25, 2010 and at the Funeral Mass on April 26, 2010. Tributes by her grandchildren Christopher, Shannon and Allison were read. Marc provided a moving Eulogy to his mother and she performed one last time via CD with an original song written while she was a teenager.

Mike and Bill's Mom Jean...passed away on Saturday December 22, 2012.  Marc's Dad Philip...Band Manager...is now the only survivng parent.


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