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 Love, Inc. at Lowell Tech 1970

Live performance at Lowell Tech (now UMA Lowell) 1970


Love, Inc. was the first group in Maine to ever record an LP Album from April 20-23, 1970 at the EAB Studio in Lewiston, Maine.  Owner Ed Boucher had opened the Studio the previous summer and the group had spent time in September 1969 recording demos there.  At their performance on November 28, 1969 at the Portland Expo, the boys signed a recording contract with Pink Dolphin Records from New York.  The original contract was for 4 sides but by the time recording began, it was decided to try for a complete LP.  With the exception of the first Musicor Single, all the boys recordings were done at EAB.  The Musicor single was done at AAA Studios in Dorchester, MA in April of 1969 and released two months later in June.

Until December of the year 2000 the original LP was in the vault and unreleased.  In the Fall of 2000 Mark and Marc decided to redo the LP...remix and re-sequence the tracks and gave it a limited release for their families at Christmastime.  Other than that...the LP remains commercially unreleased.  From the LP sessions and a remix...two singles emerged.  Together with the Musicor Single this comprises the group's commercially released output.

There is talk in the future to remix the original LP for the Franco American Music Museum in Lewiston, Maine which all four of the boys would be involved with along with original engineer Ed Boucher.  There are periodic discussions of this but so far no firm plans to begin this project.

In April of 1969 the boys went to Boston and recorded their first single released on Musicor Records.  This is the same label the late Gene Pitney and George Jones also recorded on.

The session took place on the afternoon of April 29 at AAA Studios and was completed in about 4 hours. Following are short clips of our original Singles.


She Don't Care About Me. mp3 (Mike Gouzie-Mark Swett)  Parsay Publishing  BMI 2:05

Written in the Gouzie living room by Mike and Mark in about 15 minutes in November of 1968 this is the perfect AM Radio 2 minute with a fuzz lead popular at the time.  The single peaked at #10 on the Maine music charts in late August...and made #2 in Presque Isle, Maine based on requests alone.   While the disc had a limited release and sold out...the group made large amounts of money in personal appearances to promote the record spending most of the summer of 1969 on the road touring.  A very busy time for the boys.  The official release date was June 24...two weeks after Mark and Marc graduated from Westbrook High.  Of great interest is Billy's bass playing on both sides...imaginative...and innovative...even though he was only 13 at the time...and the best professional bass player in Maine at his age!

Never Never Land. mp3 (Marc Mailhot)  Marco Polo Music  BMI 3:47

Written early in April of 1969 and featuring Rick on the Farfisa organ, Marc on lead vocals...this is a slow song and features Mark on echo harmony...done while recording the second take.  Still one of Marc's favorite songs written for the group.  At the request of the July of 2007...Marc re-arranged the song changing a line in one of the verses and recorded a new Demo. The new version features a piano intro in addition to the original organ track featured on the song. It is called Never Never Land 2007. Marc plans on including the new version on his Coral Sunset CD.

Jennifer. mp3  (Rick Record-Mark Swett)  Fran-Rick Publishing  BMI 3:09

Written during massive writing sessions early in 1970 which produced most of the songs for the LP...a good effort and a nice bossa-nova featuring Mark with Marc on harmony. The single was  released on September 10, 1970.  At the same time...the boys had been asked by the Maine United Way to record their theme song "We're All We've Got"...also recorded at EAB...and released around the same time.     

Loving You. mp3 (Billy Gouzie-Mark Swett)  Fran-Rick Publishing  BMI 2:56

Catchy bass line by Billy again and the whole music portion was written by Billy.  Mark contributed the lyrics and it was completed.  This was another of the early demos done in September 1969...and completely re-recorded for the LP...the first version being deemed not good enough. 

Thank You Mary Beth. mp3 (Marc Mailhot)  Marco Polo Music   BMI 2:02

Written in early 1969 this features himself on lead vocal and Hammond B-3 and Mark Mike and Rick on background vocals. Ed contributed the chimes. A nice arrangement...this is the LP version as there are 3 versions...the early Demo version from 1969...and the Single version which featured a "mistake" on the end.  Marc was the first person to use an 8-track Board in Maine in April of 1971...and was transferring the original 4 track recording to 8 track. During the process there was a synch problem which caused a delay on the final ending...and Marc decided to keep it in.  The single version is rare now.  The LP version heard here was also completely re-recorded and features a different vocal part for Mark's harmony. 

Somewhere Went My Sunshine. mp3 (Marc Mailhot)  Marco Polo Music  BMI 2:41

Again another song by Marc with a country flavor to it. Mike's guitar lead is memorable.  Mark told Marc he always heard it with a fiddle in it...perhaps this will be revisited down the road.  Marc is also performing this song in his Solo shows.



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