Jan         Date unknown.  During 1970, the group makes an appearance on The Dave Astor Show.

Jan 1      First song if the year written by Mark and Rick "Forever".

Jan 10     Performance at "Someplace", Gloucester, MA. First performance at the new Club with  Love, Inc. as the House Band.

Jan 21     Performance at "Someplace", Gloucester, MA to a sellout crowd.

Jan 23     Performance at Beal Gymnasium, South Portland, ME with the group "Sawdust".

Jan 24     Performance at "Someplace", Gloucester, MA.


Inside Someplace...Gloucester, MA...January 1970.


On the balcony at the motel in Gloucester...January 1970.  L to R: Mark...Mike...Robert...Billy...Marc...Dale and Rick


Roger and Phil

Roger Swett...the "Driver of the ve-hi-cle" and Manager Philip Mailhot clown for a photo after a performance at Someplace on January 24, 1970.



Feb 7      Performance at University of Maine, Orono.

Feb 14     Performance at Brewer High School, Brewer, ME.

Feb 20/21 Performance at "Someplace", Gloucester, MA. Once again the boys sell out the house.

Mar         Extensive writing and rehearsing sessions during the month.

Mar 20     Performance at Lake Region High School, Naples, ME.

Mar 28     Performance at "Someplace", Gloucester, MA.

Apr 4       Performance at Salem State College, Salem, MA.

Apr 5       Marc celebrates his 19th Birthday and a party is thrown in his honor.

Apr 10     Performance at Cape Elizabeth High School, Cape Elizabeth, ME.

Apr 20-23 Recording and mixing sessions at EAB Studios, Lewiston, ME for Pink Dolphin Records.



Maine Pop Music history was made in April 1970 as Love, Inc, became the 1st group to record a full LP. The boys had signed a contract in November 1969 with Pink Dolphin Records in New York to record "4 sides" but by the time of these sessions it was decided to go for a full LP. Over these 4 days the following tracks were recorded and mixed: Loving You...I'll Say Goodbye...Santa Fe...Easy Times...Seeking Reaching...The Bedsprings Are Mine...Virginia Lovely...Thank You Mary Beth...I'm Coming Home...Somewhere Went My Sunshine and Leave Me Alone in the Morning.

Three tracks were remakes of the Demo Session in September 1969: Loving You...Thank You Mary Beth... and Leave Me Alone in the Morning.  Loving You was faster and had a "harder edge" to the track and features a nice guitar solo my Mike.  Thank You Mary Beth and Leave Me Alone in the Morning feature 3 part harmonies and a fuller sound than the originals. Jennifer and Loving You were eventually released as a Single in September 1970 and Thank You Mary Beth and Somewhere Went My Sunshine were released as a Single in June 1971...less than a week after the group disbanded.

In the year 2000 Mark and Marc took the rough 2-track tapes...remixed and sequenced them into a CD and gave them to the other Band Members for Christmas. They are the only copies of the LP in existence. Additionally...basement demo's...the tracks from the September 1969 Demo session...and their final session in August of 1970 for the United Way Theme were also put on CD. There is no known copy of the United Way Them in existence.

In the year 2011 there continues talk among the boys to digitize and remaster the original LP tapes for possible future release.

Enjoy these historic photos.


Rick and Mark rehearse parts



Billy rehearses his part and then listens to a playback


Mark doing a vocal take


Mike tuning guitars during the EAB Sessions


Studio Owner Ed Boucher in the Control Room during the sessions.  Marc's mother Janie watching him.


Marc working out his part during the sessions



The Boys take time out from recording for a couple of photos

Mark...Marc and Billy at SMVTI...April 24, 1970. Photos courtesy of Carol Starbird Crawford.


Rick...Mark and Marc at SMVTI.


Mike at SMTVI.


Marc and Billy at SMVTI.


Apr 24    Performance at SMVTI (now SMCC), South Portland, ME. Back to work the day after finishing recording.

Apr 25    Performance at Rumford, ME. Venue unknown.

Apr 25    Billy celebrates his 15th Birthday.

May 8     Performance at Lowell Technical Institute (now U MA Lowell), Lowell, MA.  First performance by the group here. The boys stay overnight and meet "Big Lil", who's in charge of the kitchen.  Some of the students give the boys their food passes so they can eat breakfast the next day.  When they get through the line, Lil discovers the group are imposters declaring..."you're not my boys"...and they dash out the dining room door.  Marc leaves in such a hurry he dumps his entire tray into the trashcan!  This is also the night the boys are introduced to the "waterpipe" for the first time in the Dorm. A memorable night and a great way to begin our run of gigs here. Introduction of Harry Belafonte's "Day-O" (Banana Boat Song) for the first time followed by their new finale "Sympathy for the Devil" by The Rolling Stones.  Both of these songs bring the house down at the close of their shows through the fall.

May 9     Performance at "Someplace", Gloucester, MA.

May 16   Performance at YWCA, Waterville, ME.

Jun        Well deserved month off.  The Mailhot family travels to California for two weeks.

Jun 13    Rick and Bobbie are married at St. Hyacinth Church, Westbrook, Maine.  Mark and Marc are Ushers.

Jun 14    The Mailhot family leaves for two weeks in California.  While there Marc visits UCA at Berkeley and sees Crosby Stills Nash and Young at the Oakland Coliseum.

Jun 22    Mark celebrates his 19th Birthday and is greeted by a call from Marc in California wishing him a Happy Birthday!

Jun 29    Mark and his father Roger pick the Mailhot family up from their trip at Logan Airport.

Jun 30/Jul 1    The group in intense rehearsals.  Among the songs learned is the 20 minute version of "My Generation" which the boys learn verbatim. Also from the Live at Leeds LP is the current Top 40 Who version of "Summertime Blues" which closes their first show on July 2.

Jul 2       Performance at Beal Gymnasium, South Portland, ME.  The group concludes their show with the entire 20 minute version of the recently released "My Generation" from The Who's "Live at Leeds" LP. Lots of feedback at the end...but no guitar kamikaze. Mark sings Dylan's Masters of War as a Solo to open their 2nd Set.



Masters of War Solo performance.  Marc took this photo.





Robert took these photos at Beal Gym of the boys performing The Who's...Summertime Blues...which was riding high on the charts at the time to end their 1st Set.


Marc's Mother Janie was Secretary and Wardrobe Lady for the Band.  Here she is at work at the July 2 Beal Gym gig between sets.


Jul 4       Performance at Lakeside Pines Campground, Bridgton, ME.

Jul 6       Performance at Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach, NH.

July 11   Performance at Palace Ballroom with Sabbath, Old Orchard Beach, ME.


Palace Ballroom poster 1970

Mike's framed original poster of the July 11, 1970 Palace Ballroom show.


Full-size poster for the July 11, 1970 Palace performance.



Two views of the group Summer 1970. Top photo on the Mailhot's front porch and bottom photo on top of the Love, Inc. Van.


Jul 22   Performance at the Palace Ballroom, Old Orchard Beach, ME.

Jul 22   Rick celebrates his 21st Birthday.

Jul 25   Performance at Purppudock Country Club, Portland, ME.

Jul 29   Performance at Eastern Point Yacht Club, Gloucester, MA.

Aug      Writing and rehearsing sessions.

Aug       The Greater Portland United Way announces Love, Inc. will kickoff their Campaign this year and will record their song "We're All We've Got" for use in the Fall.

Aug 5    Performance at the Palace Ballroom, Old Orchard Beach, ME.  Once again the boys pack the venue.

Aug 7    Performance at Bridgton Town Hall, Bridgton, ME with "Homemade Blues".

Aug 8    Performance at Palace Ballroom, Old Orchard Beach, ME.

Aug 10/11   Recording at EAB Studios Lewiston, ME. Titles recorded include the United Way song, and two new original songs, "Black Sheep" and Mark's song "Patrice". The second verse is sung in French and Manager Philip Mailhot translates for the group. It would be the final recording session for the group.

Aug 11   Mike celebrates his 18th Birthday.

Aug 12   Performance at Eastern Point Yacht Club, Gloucester, MA.

Aug 14   Performance at St. Hyacinth Hall, Westbrook, ME with "Homemade Blues".

Aug 15/16   Rick, his new wife Bobbie and Billy on a short overnight trip to New York City.

Aug 17   Mark and Marc back up to EAB for a remix session.

Aug 19-21   Mike and Robert on a short Massachusetts vacation.

Aug 22   Performance at Palace Ballroom, Old Orchard Beach, ME.

Aug 24-26  The Mailhots and the Martins in New York City for discussions and meetings with record company executives.

Aug 27   Performance at Beal Gymnasium, South Portland, ME with White Fluff.  Final dance of the summer "Carousel" series here.

Aug 29   Performance in Rockport, MA.  Venue unknown.

Aug 30   Performance at Free Concert on Eastern Prom, Portland, ME.  Performing with the group is Charles Musselwhite Blues Band and a local group The Vaarg.  Over 3500 people attended the event.







The Boys and the crowd at the August 30, 1970 Eastern Prom Festival.


Sep 1     Performances at Dana Park, Fletcher Field, and Hyde Park. Cambridge, MA. At Hyde Park the boys plays Sly Stone's "Want To Take You Higher" for the African-American audience there so they make it out alive!

Sep 2     Performance at Eastern Point Yacht Club, Gloucester, MA.  Likely the wildest gig ever by the group as the energy was so intense kids were actually hanging from the rafters! One of the most memorable performances ever of the Rolling Stones song "Sympathy for the Devil" which closes the show.

Sep 5     Performance at Palace Ballroom, Old Orchard Beach, ME. Final performance of the summer at the Palace.

Sep 9     Performance at Lowell Technical Institute, Lowell, MA.  The boys play to a crowd of 1100 people.



Love, Inc. at Lowell Tech (now U MA Lowell)...September 9, 1970.  Rick's final photograph with the band.


A great crowd!

Our audience...


Sep 10    SINGLE: Jennifer/Loving You.  Recorded during the EAB LP sessions in April on Pink Dolphin Records.


The Jennifer/Loving You Single on Pink Dolphin Records.


Sep 11   Performance at Biddeford High School, Biddeford, ME.

Sep 12   Performance at Mt. Ida College, Newton, MA.

Sep 17   The United Way song "We're All We've Got" recorded by Love, Inc. is released. It marks the first time ever two songs by the same Maine band appear on Maine radio at the same time.  Most regrettably...there is no known existing copy of the track.

Sep 18-20   Love, Inc. travel to Pink Dolphins President's home in New Jersey for 3 days of business and relaxation.

Sep 26   Performance at Beal Gymnasium, South Portland, ME.

Oct 1     Dale Moreau appointed Assistant Manager for the group.

Oct 3     Performance at "Someplace", Gloucester, MA.

Oct 3     Rick announces he is leaving Love, Inc.

Oct 6     Rick leaves Love, Inc. after being with them 20 months.

Oct 10   Performance at Lowell Technical Institute, Lowell, MA.  First performance here without Rick and the band is well received. 

Oct 12   Love, Inc. performs at the United Way kickoff dinner in Portland and is filmed for television playing their theme song.

Oct 12   "Jennifer" makes it's first chart appearance on WLOB at #23.

Oct 16   Performance at St. Hyacinth Hall, Westbrook, ME.

Oct 17   Performance at Sanford High School, Sanford, ME.

Oct 24   Performance at Gloucester High School, Gloucester, MA to a never-before seen crowd of over 700 people.

Oct 31   Performance at Biddeford High School, Biddeford, ME.

Nov 2    Jennifer/Loving You reaches highest chart position...#12.


WLOB Chart 1970


Nov 14   Performance at St. Joseph's College, Windham, ME.

Nov 21   Performance at St. Hyacinth Hall, Westbrook, ME.

Nov 25   Performance at Portland Expo, Portland, ME for WLOB Radio.


The Expo November 25, 1970

Mike and Billy at The Expo...November 25, 1970.


The cover of our handout brochure, designed and drawn by Mike.


Nov 26   Performance at Lewiston Armory, Lewiston, ME.  Second Thanksgiving Night Dance for the boys in Lewiston.

Dec        Writing and rehearsing sessions.

Dec 5     Performance at St. Peter's High School.  City unknown.

Dec 11    Performance at St. Hyacinth Hall, Westbrook, ME.

Dec 18    Performance at KKK Katy Club, Boston, MA.

Dec 26    The group is mentioned for the 1st time in a short article in "Billboard" magazine.

Dec 29    After being approached in August, United Artists Records decided to pass on signing the group.

Dec 31     The group throws a party to celebrate another very good year.


Final Christmas photo of the group...December 25, 1970.

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