First official publicity photo January 1969

First official Publicity Photo just before Rick joins the band...January 1969. L to R: Marc, Billy, Mark and Mike. Although the photo is black and white...the uniforms were pink!


Rick Record joins Love, Inc. January 1969.


Jan         Rick joins Love, Inc. as The Untame Sound play their last few engagements. Mike and Billy's Brother Ronnie, is drummer for the Untame Sound.

Jan 4      Performance at University of Maine Portland, (now USM) Portland, ME.

Jan 10    Performance at Woodfords Congregation Church (Congo), Portland, ME.

Jan 11    Performance at University of Maine, Portland, Portland, ME.

Jan 17    Performance at St. Hyacinth Hall, Westbrook, ME.

Jan 18    Performance at St. John's Hall, Biddeford, ME.

Jan 25    Morton's Pavilion, Naples, ME.


Marc at the St. John's Hall Performance January 18, 1969.


Original newspaper ad for Morton's Pavilion Dance. Scrapbook archives.


Original yellowed copy of Portland Evening Express article, February 15, 1969 on the end of The Untame Sound and final performance in February 1969. Marc let Ron borrow his drums that night for their final performance.


Feb        The Untame Sound play their final gig at the Portland Expo, Portland, ME.  Rick begins a 20 month run with the band.

Feb 8      Performance at Holy Cross Auditorium, South Portland,  ME.

Feb 14    Performance at Woodfords Congregational Church, Portland, ME.  Before the performance, Rick is attacked, sustains injuries and misses the show.

Feb 28    Love, Inc. wins 1st Place at Portland Battle of the Bands at the Portland Expo.  Marc plays with a fever of 102 and bronchitis.


Portland Press Herald article in early March 1969 on winning the Battle of the Bands.


Scoresheet for the Portand Battle.  We won by 2 points!



Original Flyer and newspaper article for the Stevens Avenue Armory Dance. Both Joey and Clifford "Kippy" Richardson have passed on.


Mar 1     Performance at Stevens Avenue Armory, Portland, ME.  Marc again plays with a high fever and spends the next week in bed recovering.

Mar 13   Live television performance on WCSH TV "Youth Cavalcade". One of the songs performed is Mark's "Leave Me alone in the Morning".

Mar 29   Love, Inc. ties for 5th Place at State Battle of the Bands, Lewiston Armory, Lewiston, ME.

Mar 29   Dale Moreau and Bob Arsenault join as Roadies. Dale also become the band's Sound Engineer.

Apr        The group buys a new 1969 Chevy Van to haul themselves and their equipment around.  They had been using another used van which broke down on the way to an engagement and decided to get a reliable van.  At this time, Mark's father, Roger, becomes the "driver of the ve-hi-cle" for the group.  There is always a contest among the group members to ride "shotgun" in the van! Mike designs and letters the logo on the van.

Apr         Shortly before the Portland Expo gig Mike purchases a new 1968 Gibson Les Paul Custom guitar which is dubbed the "Golden Warrior". Like Marc, it is the beginning of a beautiful musical relationship and in 2008, Mike did a recon job on the guitar and it's once again producing wonderful music!

Apr 5     Marc celebrates his 18th Birthday.

Apr 14   Love, Inc. hosts it's first Dance at Portland Expo, Portland, ME. On the bill with them is Cabot (formally The Talisman). At the end of the group's first show they play Donovan's "Atlantis" currently on the Charts and at the end of the song Cabot join in with them for the long ending...again only the second time two bands have played the same song together. Over 1400 kids attend the performance to kick off April Vacation.

Apr 15   Marc writes "Never Never Land"...first song of 1969 and B Side of their first Single.

Apr 18   Announcement Love, Inc. will record their first Single for Musicor Records in Boston for release in the summer. This is the same label Gene Pitney and George Jones record on.

Apr 25   Billy celebrates his 14th Birthday...becoming the youngest professional Bass Player in Maine just before the Boston recording session.

April 29   Love, Inc. travels to Boston's AAA Studios to record two sides for Musicor Record, Mike and Mark's "She Don't Care About Me" written in November 1968...and Marc's new "Never Never Land". The session is completed in about 4 hours.

May        The entire Love, Inc. family gathers to hear the acetate Studio Copy of the group's first single.


The parents 1969

Extremely rare photo of the boys parents who gathered to listen to the acetate copy of the first single. L to R: Roger and Jean Gouzie, Mike and Billy's parents, Violet and Roger Swett, Mark's parents, Janie and Phil Mailhot, Marc's parents and Dick and Gloria Record, Rick's parents. Roger passed away in 2001, Violet in 1975, Roger in 1998, Dick in 2006, Gloria on November 1, 2009 and Janie on April 21, 2010. Jean passed away on December 22, 2012 and only and Marc's father Philip remains the only surviing parent.


Off and running.  Love, Inc. at the State CYO Convention, May 1969.


The Group with Road Manager, Wayne Sacco.


Early Business Card after Rick joined the band.



May       The group plays the State Catholic Youth Organization Convention at the Sheraton Ballroom, Portland, ME.

May 11   Love, Inc. plays first Rock Mass in Maine history at Holy Cross Church, South Portland, ME mobbing the Church and the kids are lined up outside 5 deep that could not get in.

May 22   Performance at Lafayette Townhouse, Portland, ME for Junior Achievement.

May 23   Performance at YWCA, Portland, ME.

May 24   Performance at Yarmouth High School, Yarmouth, Maine with Homemade Blues and the Group celebrates the 1st Anniversary of their Debut.

May 29   Love, Inc. returns to the South Portland, Maine Armory for a performance with The Arbitrators.

May 30   Performance at Portland Expo, Portland, Me with opening group, Peter Albert's Homemade Blues and The Innmen.

May 31   Performance as Headliners for the first time at Palace Ballroom, Old Orchard Beach, ME. The boys draw a huge crowd there.


Playlist from The Palace Ballroom Old Orchard Beach, ME 1969. The Palace closed and was later turned into a rollerskating rink and the building was finally closed and torn down in the year 2000.



Jun         Photo Shoot at Nubbles Pond, Raymond, ME. More writing sessions and Billy...Marc and Mark produce more songs for the band. Billy writes his first ever-song "Loving You" with Mark. Mark produces "Ten Miles of Bad Road" and Marc writes "Thank You Mary Beth".  All will be recorded at EAB in September as Demos.



Two photos from the Nubbles Pond photo shoot.


Jun      The group replaces the PA horns with a new Shure Vocal Master PA set.

Jun       Wayne Sacco leaves as Roadie.

Jun 4    Daytime performance at the Steerhouse, Lewiston, ME.  

Jun 4    Evening performance for Cathedral High School Boat Cruise.

Jun 7    Performance at Rockland Recreation Center, Rockland, ME.

Jun 9    Mark and Marc graduate from Westbrook High School. They take a short  trip to western New York to visit Marc's grandparents to celebrate.

Jun 20   Performance at St. Hyacinth Hall, Westbrook, ME.

Jun 22   Mark celebrates his 18th Birthday.

Jun 23   Love, Inc. plays at the Portland Country Club for a private gig.  Also appearing and reading his poetry is the famous actor, Gary Merrill, complete in his kilts! The group has a nice chat with him between shows.

Jun 24   SINGLE: She Don't Care About Me/Never Never Land released.


The Musicor Single...our first and most successful.


Jul         Performance in Ipswitch, MA as the opening act for Country Funk, who they would open for again in Portland, ME about a week later at the Eastern Prom Concert.  Late July but exact date unknown.

Jul 2      Love, Inc. perform for the 1st time at Beal Gymnasium, South Portland High School. The summer "Carousel" shows.

Jul 4      Performance at Lakeside Pines Campground, Bridgton, ME.


Portland Press Herald article on the Musicor Single July 5, 1969.



Jul 8      Performance at Merry Barn, Edgecombe, ME.  The boys had to change the words to The Ballad of John and Yoko in order to perform here, and basically mumbled "Christ you know it ain't easy".

Jul 15    Performance at Cape Elizabeth High School, Cape Elizabeth, ME.  Once again the boys produce a large turnout.

Jul 17    Performance at Beal Gymnasium, South Portland, ME. Another large crowd.

Jul 18    Performance at St. Hyacinth Hall, Westbrook, ME.

Jul 19    Performance at Skowhegan "76" Club, Skowhegan, ME.

Jul 20    Performance at Outdoor Rock Concert, Manchester, NH.  Midway through the performance, it begins to rain and the group ends their performance.  On the way back home they listen on the radio to the first Moon Landing.


Mark at Manchester Outdoor Festival July 20, 1969

Mark with his Gibson ES 335 at the Manchester, NH Outdoor Concert, July 20, 1969.


Jul 21     Performance at the Merry Barn, Edgecombe, ME.

Jul 22     Rick celebrates his 20th Birthday.

Jul 25     Performance at South Portland  Recreation Center for Fairchild Semiconductor.


unseen Nubbles photo shoot 1

Nubbles Pond photo shoot

Two more never before seen photos from the Nubbles Pond Shoot.


Original Flyer for the August 3, 1969 Eastern Prom Festival



Two never before seen views of Love, Inc. at Eastern Prom in Portland, August 3, 1969.  On the program also was the very popular band Country Funk. L to R: Rick...Billy...Marc...Mike and Mark. Photos courtesy of Carol Starbird Bean.


Aug 3     Performance on Eastern Prom...Portland Maine. Outdoor Concert for over 2500 people...largest crowd the boys have played for so far. Featured on the bill is the popular group, Country Funk.  The boys are billed third on the publicity, despite a very successful Single.

Aug 7     Performance at Gen. Carter Memorial Armory, Caribou, ME. The Musicor Single makes #2 on the basis of calls alone in Presque Isle, ME and the boys not only spend the summer promoting it by playing live...but also doing live radio interviews as well.  During the visit to Caribou, people were crossing the street to avoid the group, who had the long hair and mod clothes...something folks up there had not seen before! The group had a good crowd at the performance, most of them seeing pop music live by a band for the first time.  The night of "10,000 peanut shells at the Hotel Caribou!". Billy remembers it as the first time he ever ordered orange juice in a restaurant!

Aug 11    Mike celebrates his 17th Birthday.

Aug 12    Performance at the Merry Barn, Edgecombe, ME.

Aug 15    Performance at Lewiston Armory, Lewiston, ME.

Aug 16    Performance at the Palace Ballroom, Old Orchard Beach, ME.  The group packs the venue.

Aug 23    Performance on Peaks Island, ME.  The group takes a motorboat back to shore after the show and returns the next day to get their equipment as they ended their performance the night before at low tide!


WLOB Chart 1969

Aug 24    The Musicor Single makes the WLOB Top 10. 

Aug 29     Performance on the WLOB Casco Bay Cruise.

Sep 1       Performance at DES Hall Gloucester, MA.  The first performance in MA and the band signs with Martin Enterprises to represent their bookings outside of Maine. Night of "the naked Robert in the pool" at our motel!

Sep  7        First recording sessions at EAB Studios, Lewiston, ME. Four titles recorded: Mary Beth...Leave Me Alone in the Morning...Ten Miles of Bad Road and Loving You. On Ten Miles of Bad Road Mick performs one of the greatest guitars solos ever recorded for the band.  It also marks Billy's first time as a songwriter, as co-writer of Loving You with Mark.

Sep 13     Performance at Deering High School, Portland, ME.

Sep 19     Performance at Winslow High School, Winslow, ME.

Sep 20     Performance at Colby College, Waterville, ME.

Sep 27     Performance at Colby College, Waterville, ME.




The Boys take time from a very busy schedule for new updated individual photos...October 1969


Oct         PM productions announces the second Expo gig the band will host in late November.

Oct 1       Performance at Cony High School,  Augusta, ME.

Oct 4       Performance at Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME.

Oct 10     Performance in Houlton, ME...Venue unknown.

Oct 11     Performance in Caribou, ME...Venue unknown.

Oct 17     Performance at University of Maine Orono.

Oct 18     Performance at South Portland Recreation Center, South Portland, ME to a record opening night crowd.

Oct 24     Performance at University of Maine Orono.

Oct 25     Performance at Stevens Avenue Armory, Portland, ME (Fairchild Semiconductor).

Oct 31     Performance at Westbrook Armory, Westbrook, ME with The Lonely.


Mark and Marc take time to clown around in the photo booth at Woolworth's...1969.


Nov 7      Performance at Westbrook High School, Westbrook, ME.

Nov 8      Performance at South Portland Recreation Center, South Portland, ME.

Nov 14    Performance at Gorham High School, Gorham, ME.

Nov 15    Performance at Bonny Eagle High School, Bonny Eagle, ME.

Nov 21    Performance at Biddeford High School, Biddeford, ME.

Nov 27    Thanksgiving Night performance at Lewiston Armory, Lewiston Maine with White Fluff.

Nov 28    Performance at Portland Expo, Portland, ME with White Fluff.  Our second dance of the year the band throws...and again over 1000 kids attend the show.  The group closes the show with The Who's "My Generation" and Rick demolishes a guitar at the end of the song...a la Townsend...to the amazement of the audience! Vox Super Beatle Amp..."dent in side!". This show is Emceed by a good friend of the group and local Portland Radio personality, the late Bob Anderson.

Nov 28    Between shows at the Expo...the group signs with Pink Dolphin Records in New York to initially record 4 sides.  By the time they enter the Studio the following April, it's decided to go for a complete LP instead.


Signing the Pink Dolphin Deal November 28, 1969

Signing the Pink Dolphin Deal.  Portland Expo, November 28, 1969.  L to R: Marc Mailhot, Mark Swett, Vern Whitman, Pink Dolphin A & R, Frances Baker, President, Pink Dolphin Records, Bill Gouzie, Mike Gouzie and Rick Record.


Frances Baker actually signs the Pink Dolphin Contract with all the guys watching. This photo recently found.



An original poster from the Expo gig where we signed the Pink Dolphin contract. I found the poster and Mickey framed it. He also found the photos of us from that night and put them on the bottom of the frame.  I've blown them up below.  These photos are rare...as I took some but for some reason they did not come out. We had over 1200 kids there that night!


From Left: Rick...Mark...Marc...Billy and Mike.


American Journal article on the Pink Dolphin signing...December 3, 1969


Local Press Release from December 1969 on the Pink Dolphin singing.  The Associated Press picked up on this and Billboard Magazine ran a short article on Love, Inc. as a result.



Nov 29    Performance at St. John's Hall, Biddeford, ME.

Dec  5     Performance at  Chevrus High School, Portland, ME.

Dec 6      Performance at John Bapst High School, Bangor, ME.  One of the songs the group performs is the Ten Years After song "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl"...with the line "I want to ball you all night long"...pretty "ballsy" for a group back then!

Dec 12    Performance at Washington County College, Machias, ME (now U ME Machias).

Dec 13    Performance at Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME.

Dec 14    Advent Christian Service at State Street Church, Portland, ME.


December 14, 1969



The Love, Inc. entourage December 28, 1969.  L to R: Rick...Mike...Billy...Mark (waving!)...Bob...Marc...Dale...Jane and Phil. This photo taken just before leaving to play the Rock Mass.


Bob and Dale bringing equipment to the Van for the Rock Mass


Dec 28    Second Rock Mass of 1969 at South Portland Armory, South Portland, ME. Final performance of 1969 and once again the Armory is filled to capacity. Marc is on Christmas vacation in western New York and leaves for home on December 27 and is caught in Lake Effect snows in one of the worst Blizzards since the late 1800s. The entire New York State Thruway is closed and the Mailhot's spend the night in Herkimer, New York...arriving back home one hour before leaving for the Mass. David Bell, drummer for Sounds Unlimited was recruited and on call in case Marc missed the gig.


Second Rock Mass 1969

Rock Mass, December 28, 1969.


Rare side view color photo of the Rock Mass. Courtesy Carol Starbird Bean.


Second annual Christman photo...with Rick...taken just before leaving for the Armory Rock Mass.

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