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Lessons and Other Services


Marc began taking piano lessons from the late renowned Maine piano teacher Louis Sirois in 1957 and took 11 years of formal lessons.  Now Marc brings the skills and technique learned from his years of lessons and countless performances to his own students.  Louis emphasized sight reading and technique...two very important aspects of learning the keyboard or piano...and Marc continues teaching those two skills to bring out the best in his students.

Additionally his 53 years of drumming have enabled Marc to teach drums as well. Earlier in his career Marc taught at Starbird Music School in Portland, Maine.

Marc prefers to begin at age 6 and there is no upper limit.  Anyone that wants to learn is welcomed. Lessons on either instrument are available either at the Studio or at the student's home.

Rates are $40.00 per half hour on-site here at the Studio or at the student's home (within 20 miles of Portland) and $60.00 for an hour at either location.

Please feel free to call for additional information...we will be happy to answer any and all questions.



Contact Information:

67 Lyman Street

Westbrook, Maine 04092-3540


Telephone 207-420-7683


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