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After Love, Inc. disbanded Marc took the summer of 1971 to relax but by fall was ready for another band and this time it was "Pegasus".  Pegasus was another pioneering Maine band playing Progressive and Classic Rock.  

Pegaus will be remembered for 3 highlights.  First they went to The Record Plant in New York City in February of 1973 to record a single there.  Producing the session was Dan Turbeville...who co-produced the first Woodstock LP in 1970 and his assistant was Dennis Ferrante who was an engineer on George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh LP.  Excellent company! Our single was released in the Spring of 1973 ("Fire" b/w "Things to Come"). In April of 1973 Pegasus opened in Portland for two nationally known groups...Bob Seger April 5, 1973 and Edgar Winter 2 weeks later...famous for their 1973 hit "Frankenstein".  Shortly thereafter Marc left Pegasus and took some time off to go back to school and relax a bit.   Marc made a rare solo appearance at college (Lyndon State) on the piano playing and singing the Yes classic "Roundabout" in the talent show there in May 1974...and won 1st Prize!


Pegasus at Record Plant East February 1973

Pegasus in Studio B, The Record Plant, New York City, February 1973 to record our only single "Fire/Things to Come".  This is the same studio where Don McLean recorded "American Pie" and we saw the Gold Record hanging in the Studio Lobby along with many others. L To R:  Bruce Noel, Bass Guitar, Dan Turbeville, our Producer, Rick Albert, Lead Guitar, John Woods, Percussion and Trumpet, myself, Keith Gaudette, Hammond B-3, and Mark Beaulieu, our Roadie.  Unfortunately The Record Plant East in New York closed a number of years ago and these are now historic pictures taken there. As you can see from this picture...I am the shortest of the group.  Keith often complimented me to others saying "Marc is physically small...but a mental giant!".  I will always be grateful to him for his kind words.


Studio B Control Room

Listening to a playback of "Fire" in the control room.  L to R:  Bruce, Dennis Ferrante, our engineer, Dan Turbeville, our Producer, Keith, Mark and Brian Labbe, Pegasus Manager. When we decided to record we wanted the best facilities and producer we could get.  I knew Dan from my Love, Inc days as we had him critique our LP and of course we all knew him from his work on the first "Woodstock" we knew we were getting the best!


John watches while Dan works the Board.


Marc (seated) and Rick watch Dan change patches on the Board.


Keith and Rick work out a guitar part in the Studio.


Our official Publicity Poster, recently found. The photo was taken in December 1972  and was distributed these to all gigs we played in 1973.


Rare poster I came across of the Superband.  While a member of Pegasus we played a gig hosted by the Starbird Family at the Portland Expo in May of 1972 with Joshua and Sound Unlimited, Harry Starbird Jr.'s band.  Opening for the gig was my best friend Mark who was doing solo performances at the time.  The Superband was all three bands playing several songs together, including Buddy Miles' Them Changes...Santana's Soul Sacrifice, which featured all three of us drummers soloing...Sly and Family Stone's Higher...and the Stones Honky Tonk Woman. We had a crowd of over 1000 people there and the gig was yet another highlight in my career with Pegasus. We bands did several rehearsals together and it was really fun playing with them. As you might imagine...we had an awesome rhythm section!


In early October 2007 Keith and his wife Cheryl returned to Maine for a visit. Here is a photo of Keith and Marc together for the first time since their Pegasus days back in the early 1970's.


Recently I have been contacted by a gentlemen in England who is doing a 70's Compilation CD and wants to include the Fire/Things To Come Single on the CD...and I have put him in touch with Keith who lives in California.  I heard Keith has given him the OK to include the perhaps soon we'll see that record again.  That would be nice!

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