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"To quote David Crosby..."it's been a long time coming" Marc said.  The Coral Sunset CD (originally called Burnt Orange!) has been in the works since the break-up of Love, Inc. in 1971. Since then Marc has been in Pegasus...The Chapparals...Rain/Get Back...and a Love, Inc. Reunion...BOTHN. All the while...raising a family...becoming a grandfather...and still...making music! are some Demo tracks... works in progress...alternate versions...and 2 long-lost Love, Inc. tracks from 1970 that's been way too long in the can...and can now be heard here for the 1st time. Most of these are from Marc's Coral Sunset CD...still in progress...will it ever get released...stay tuned! Ever wonder what Demos...trial edits...and rough 1st passes sound's his "mix-tape"!

All tracks are in MP3 format. Here's a track by track list and description:


1...Caissons: From Marc's 1st Piano Recital in 1960...this is a Demo remake to check out his equipment for overdubbing...he plays all the instruments. Caissons

2...Music Box...From one of his piano exercise books over 50 years ago...this is another cute little Demo track and he wrote the middle part. Again...he plays all instruments including the synch music box and pizzicato stings! Another early Demo to check out the capabilities of the Tascam. Music Box

3...Baroque...Somewhat based on Music Box...subconsciously. When Marc was a Meteorology student at Lyndon State College in the 70's...he was also a  Music Minor.  One of his music classes required him to write...score and perform an original song. This is the result. Oddly enough earlier the same week at school...he won 1st place in the Talent Show by playing his arrangement of the Yes classic...Roundabout! It was his very 1st ever piano solo performance since his last Piano Recital in 1968. When it came time for him to reveal his composition...he played this instead...fooling everyone who though he'd give them the complex Roundabout treatment.  "I smile everytime I think about this song...and its' history" Marc says. Baroque

4...Fantasy Movements 1 & 2.  A trial Demo edit of the 1st two Movements of this track...written for Pegasus in late 1972 and performed in public only once.  The new 3rd Movement is about finished...different from the original...and waiting to be recorded at some future date.  In the meantime...this very powerful edit shows Marc's versatility in writing...and again he plays all instruments on it...including synth horn and bass. "I spent many hours on just these 1st two Movements to get things right...instruments and the segue...and I think the results are good. There will be more overdubs later including rain and thunder at the end of the 2nd Movement". Fantasy Movements 1 & 2

5...Stolen Mojo and The Chapparals former Lead Vocalist and friend Dave Ames...on vocals and a beautiful guitar solo. Written during July 1970...for Love, Inc....and never used until now. The original tracks for this song were recorded in 2007. Remix 3 was used for the Single release in April 2011. Sunshine Remix 5

6...Never Never Land...Original Version. Recorded digitally directly from the Studio acetate copy in 1969...surface noise and all!  The "B" Side of the 1st Love, Inc. Single...She Don't Care About Me. The Single charted to #10 in August 1969.  Never Never Land was written and recorded in April 1969. Never Never Land

7...Never Never Land 2007..."heavy version". A rejected and updated version of Marc's 1969 Love, Inc. song. The vocals are experimental but this was a trial run at the new instrumentation.  His life long friend and Love, Inc. co-founder Mark Swett once again added the guitar and backing vocals. At some future time the vocals may be re-recorded and remixed...for the 4th time. Never Never Land Heavy

8...Little Wonders Demo 2...Written in honor of Marc's 1st grandchild...Mackenzie for her 1st birthday in March of 2007 and now dedicated to all 6 of his grandchildren. This track was written...and recorded in the space of 6 hours.  Begun after jumping out of bed at 6 AM one morning with the framework already in his head...Marc made a bee-line for the studio where the song took shape quickly.  Two hours later the lyrics were completed...and tracking began. Again his vocals are trial and experimental.  When completed he once again gave the track to life-long friend Mark...who added guitar...backing...and percussion...and this is the result. Marc plays keys...synth bass...drums...and synth horn on it. "Meaningful lyrics and a great melody line in this song...and I had wonderful inspiration too...I LOVE this song! I am especially proud of the line...smiling at the world around...celebrate the life you've found". Little Wonders Demo 2

9...Little Wonders 2008 Demo.  Another try on Marc's Solo version...again an alternate take.  Little Wonder 2008 Demo



10...Leave Me Alone In The Morning. Love, Inc. LP Sessions...April 1970. Written in July 1968 by Mark Swett as the very 1st Love, Inc. original song...this was given a world-premier in June of 2011 on Marc's Dispatch Magazine Podcast. Featuring Mark...Mickey and Billy Gouzie on guitars and bass...and Rick Record on guitar...Marc on drums...and Mark Marc and Rick on vocals. Marc says..."of all the songs...including mine...we wrote for the band...looking back at our body of work...this is still my favorite...a beautiful song". Ironically...Mark Swett says he loves Never Never Land as his favorite song...admiring each others work. Marc now performs this song...along with Somewhere Went My his Solo Shows as a tribute to the band. Many thanks to Mark for making this song available here.

Leave Me Alone in the Morning


11...Santa Fe. From the Love, Inc. LP sessions in April 1970.  Never before generally available here except on Reverb Nation...this is one of Marc's tracks written in 1970. The backing tracks were recorded in just 2 takes...due to the nature of Marc's "train-like" drumming! His drumming fade at the end of the original track is edited out here.

Santa Fe

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All songs written by Marc P. Mailhot except Leave Me Alone in the Morning...written by Mark Swett.

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