The Chapparals


The Chapparals 2012...Dave Marc and Ray.


The Original Chapparals 1985

The Original Chapparals...June 22, 1985...L to R: Jessie...Danny...Ronnie...Marc and Al.


New Name...Same Band 1986

Our official Publicity Photo when we were known as Skyline in 1987.


The Chapparals Official Portrait with Ronnie, 2004.


The Chapparals with Ronnie on North Conway, NH American Legion, 2004.


The Chapparals at North Conway Legion, 2004


New Years Eve 2006 at Westbrook, ME American Legion Post 197.


The Chapparals 2007.


The Chapparals 2008.


The Chapparals in 2009.


The Chapparals in 2010.


Original Chapparals guitarist Danny Bashkopf and Marc at Marco Polo before seeing Ronnie on January 31, 2009.

The Chapparals were founded by the late Al Caissie and Ronnie Caouette in the late 1970s.  In 1978 Marc joined the Band for a year and rejoined them again in early 1983.  During the early years, the Band went through numerous personnel changes but in 1983 the nucleus of the group was solid and included Dan Bashkopf on Guitar, Al Caissie on Bass and Vocals, Ronnie Caouette on Lead Vocals and Marc Mailhot on Drums and Vocals. Early in 1984 they were joined by Keyboard player and vocalist Jesse Russell.  For the next 3 years the Band continued to play with this line-up. Marc left the Band in mid-1987 due to work related commitments.  He was replaced by another drummer and The Chapparals continued to play until 1990.  During the mid 1980’s they were one of the most popular club bands in Maine and New Hampshire and always attracted a large crowd wherever they played. For a brief time in the middle 1980s they also changed their name to “Skyline” but reverted back to The Chapparals again by mid 1987. 

In August of 2003 Founding Member Al Caissie called Ronnie and Marc and asked them if they were interested in reforming again.  Enthusiastically both Ronnie and Marc said yes and were joined by new Bass player Ray Gaudreau, a good friend of Al’s. The new Chapparals started to rehearse once again but Al took seriously ill in late 2003 and only performed a couple of times with the band.  Another player, Dave Ames, a guitarist with a solid reputation of his own, was brought in as a 4th member and the four members continued to perform into 2004.  Sadly Al suffered a serious stroke in March of 2004...never recovered...and passed away on February 25, 2005 at age 62.

On May 21, 2005 Ronnie was returning home from a gig when he was critically injured in a serious car accident and sustained significant head injuries. He never fully recovered from the accident and gradually his health declined. Ronnie's health deteriorated significantly in early 2009 and he passed away peacefully in his sleep late on Monday evening February 23, 2009 at age 69.

Al and Ronnie were the Founders and nucleus of the Band...and will always be dearly missed. Dave...Ray and Marc will continue occasional performances in their memory and Marc continues on as the only original member of the Band from their halcyon days in the 1980s.

Marc suffered a serious right knee injury in July of 2008 and in July of 2009 had a partial right knee replacement as a result of his injury. He has recovered significantly enough to resume playing drums again...beginning in September of 2009.

Kathy...Marc...and the Band hosted a benefit for Ronnie on Sunday, May 7, 2006 at the American Legion Post 197 here in Westbrook. Our Benefit raised almost $1800 for him and his family and we were very pleased at the response.  There were about 170 people at the event and we ran out of tickets and people were making donations to get in.  The music was good...there was plenty of food and the auctions and 50/50 were successful.  Everyone had a good time and most of Ronnie's family were there to join us and they were very pleased.

The Chapparals are no longer performing.

Our Co-Founder and Hero Ronnie

Ronnie Caouette

Co-Founder and Lead Singer...The Chapparals

October 22, 1939-February 23, 2009

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