In the beginning...



Apr 5, 1951    Marc Mailhot born.

Jun 22, 1951   Mark Swett born.

Aug 11, 1952   Michael Gouzie born.

Apr 25, 1955   William (Bill) Gouzie born.



Sep          As "The Missing Lynx" Mark and Marc perform live on the WCSH Television show "Youth Cavalcade" singing two Beatles songs. This first ever performance is lost forever when the boys mothers' got so excited they forgot to turn on the little Panasonic tape recorded the boys had set up to record the show.    


Billy's first group and first gig with The Invaders...circa 1967.


Early photo of Mark around the time of the Missing Links.


Earliest known photo of Marc performing in 1962...age 11.


Marc with The Missing Lynx. We wanted to spell Links a bit differently.


Marc and Mark circa 1966 when they were both 15...aka The Missing Lynx.  They'd play in the Mailhot driveway and garage giving summer concerts to neighbors and anyone else who wanted to listen.





Greg, Mike, Marc and Mark December 1967.



Nov          Love, Inc. formed in the Westbrook High School Library...included Mike Cormier...Greg Peters...Mark Swett and Marc Mailhot.

Dec          Love, Inc. plays first formal gig for a private Christmas Party in Portland, ME.

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